6 07 2010

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French Girl Power: Diam

28 04 2010

Korean R&B Diva INSOONI!!!

6 04 2010

Soul Sistas Over Seas

Keri Hilson as: Keri-oke

22 03 2010

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Afro Celt Sounds

17 03 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day.

I’m listening to the radio today and the broadcaster mentions that “If you are not Irish, you shouldn’t celebrate St. Patricks Day.” More specifically Black People (she being African American herself) shouldn’t celebrate it.

Why did she come to that conclusion? She realized she didn’t have or know any music to air in celebration of the holiday and she made a quick list of “If you don’t then you shouldn’t.” For example:

1. If you don’t know about the culture, you shouldn’t celebrate St. Pats
2. If you don’t know anything about the music, you shouldn’t celebrate St. Pats
3. If you have never experienced any of the food (which goes alon with culture) you shouldn’t celebrate St. Pats.

Most people in our world find any excuse to have a party and dance and drink and have a good time. And I think that’s quite alright.

True, if you don’t know anything about a Holiday then maybe you shouldn’t fake the funk and it would be nice to do a little research.

But like I said, if your having a good time celebrating whatever your celebrating at least you know one thing.

Good Times are Universal.

In the spirit of good times (and African Americans celebrating St. Pats), here’s AFRO CELT SOUND SYSTEM:

Afro Celt fuses dance, ambient, trip hop music with the cultural sounds of African & Celtic beats and rhythms.



Tony Allen:Secret Agent

1 03 2010

Zuco 103 – Just a TOUCH!

24 02 2010

Zuco 103 is a Brasil-Funk Electro band consisting of Brazilian vocalist and writer Lilian Vieira, German keyboardist and producer Stefan Schmid and Dutch drummer and producer Stefan Kruger.

Their latest album After the Carnaval, was released in 2008 in the U.S. and Canada. And because we North Americans can’t get enough of that funk Zuco 103 has released and updated and remixed version of their album marvel called RETOUCHED!

Take a listen to Back Home {Kraak & Smaak Disco 103 Remix} Here